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Bring your Clinic to the Future!Revolutionize Management with the Power of the Tugsis Clinic Module!

Bring your clinic to life with the General Module of Tugsis. More than a solution, it's your versatile partner to optimize operations, promote efficiency, and elevate the patient experience. Discover how this innovative tool can transform the management of your clinic for the future.

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Transform Your Clinic: The Exceptional Benefits of Tugsis

This powerful ally offers centralized management that simplifies everything from appointments to billing, providing operational efficiency and an unparalleled experience for patients. With real-time records and analytical reports, your clinic will be ahead, optimizing every aspect to achieve excellence. Raise the standard of your clinic, transform operations, and create a truly exceptional care journey with Tugsis. 

Full commercial and financial control for your clinic. 

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Clinical Documentation 

Our software makes generating documents such as justifications, certificates, and declarations easy and streamlined.

Furthermore, Tugsis offers the capability to structure specific clinical documents, such as attendance justifications, certificates, and consent statements, in a personalized manner.

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Multi-Clinic Software

Customer Management
The software enables the clinic to manage customer records, including personal information, treatment history, preferences, and feedback. This facilitates personalized customer service, providing a more efficient experience.

Appointment Scheduling
The software simplifies appointment scheduling, allowing customers to schedule online or by phone. This reduces queues and enhances customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management
Effectively control the clinic's inventory of products and supplies, preventing shortages and waste. This results in cost savings and improved customer service.

Automate the billing process with the software, generating invoices and receipts quickly and accurately. This saves time and minimizes errors.

Reports and Analysis
Generate comprehensive reports and analyses with the software, enabling the clinic to monitor performance, identify improvement opportunities, and make well-informed decisions.

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Autonomous Communication via SMS 

Efficient communication is key to keeping patients well-informed and ensuring appointment attendance. With Plug On, our system can be tailored to automatically dispatch SMS reminders, whether for appointment confirmations or to emphasize the importance of scheduled check-ups. This personalized approach can be easily configured for individual patients, specific specialties, or targeted groups, all thanks to our advanced intelligent engine. 

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Boost your capabilities with the Clinic Module!

Tugsis is more than just cloud management software.

Tugsis clinic module content
Included in this Module
  Dentist + Aesthetics Module
  Unlimited Specialties
  Up to 20 Users
  Connection to PEM
  Integration with X-rays
  Integration with Citizen Card
  Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox
  Integration with EasyAppoints
  Integration with Whatsapp Business